7 Tips

Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving

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Get a Meatless Bird

Ever heard of Beyond and Impossible meat? Meat substitutes are getting so good nowadays, it is sometimes incredibly hard to tell the difference. It’s time to spread your (plant-based turkey) wings and explore new heights of veggie meat. You’ll be surprised by how well it can taste!

Got Soul?

When cooking healthy, plant-based meals, give it some soul. Infusion is key to a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. Make your mashed potatoes the way you normally would (though use dairy-free options to make it low-calorie and healthier). Then pulse some potato chips, peasant bread, and fresh garlic in a food processor. Fry it in a skillet with some oil and then bake in the oven until brown. Toss with a mixture of fresh parsley, smoked paprika, lemon zest, and thyme. Cover mashed potatoes with this crispy flavor explosion. Bon appetit!

Replace That Naughty Cholesterol

Pies, dinner rolls, and mashed potatoes contain dairy, which is full of unhealthy cholesterol. Try to use plant-based butter and milk instead. You'll find your meal to be way more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about blowing up your arteries.

More Is Less

We can use as many healthy ingredients as we’d like, but if we still stuff ourselves (pun intended), it doesn’t do us any good. So to make sure that you don’t overeat for dinner, try to eat breakfast and lunch that day.

Be a Tofu Artist

Imagine a blank canvas that can be painted in any way your imagination desires. That’s tofu for you, but with flavor of course. Tofu is like a sponge in that it absorbs any flavor you add to it. Tofu is also a very affordable meat replacement. And we haven’t even mentioned the endless possibilities with textures yet. Just type in tofu recipes on Google and let your brain overload with amazement (beware of drooling).

Plant-based Essentials

Plant-based cooking might sound like you would only be cooking up bland meals that makes you ruminate like a cow. It doesn't have to be that way though. F.A.S.S. stands for fat, acid, sweet, and salt. Make sure to always have items in your pantry that fall in those categories and you're always ready to create something delicious! Examples: avocados, raw nuts, oranges, tomatoes, date paste, fruit purees, and soy sauce.

Sweet Potato Trendsetter

One of the unhealthiest Thanksgiving dishes is pies. Why not become a trendsetter and serve a delicious and healthy sweet potato pudding instead? Just blend together a half a cup of vanilla flavored plant-based yoghurt and a half a cup of roasted sweet potatoes. Sprinkle a pinch of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon on top. This serves one to two people. If you'd rather use plain yoghurt, add a little bit of maple syrup for flavor.

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